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Professional Gutter Cleaning

Professional service at an affordable price

The main job of your gutter system is to catch all the running water off your roof and funnel it down the downpipes into drains, soakwells or water tanks. If your gutters/downpipes are blocked the water overflows back into your ceiling or eaves creating an expensive problem. In some cases a dangerous problem if that water finds a live power supply like a light fitting. West Coast Gutter Clean can provide a professional, affordable and hassle free solution to this problem for you.

 We specialise in single and multi-storey, residential, commercial and strata properties.

Our service includes:

- All gutters cleaned

- Downpipes flushed

- Valleys cleared

- Free roof inspection including repairing any cracked tiles

- Before and after photos

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Get the most out of your money saving potential

Solar panels are very popular these days and provide a number of massive benefits. They not only help to provide a more environmentally friendly, greener future but also help to reduce your ever increasing energy bills therefore saving you a ton of $$$ in the long term. In some cases you can actually make money by creating more power than you are using. Understandably you want to be getting the most out of your money saving investment. This means from time to time your solar panels will need to be professionally cleaned. This will not only help them run at their maximum capacity but also increase their overall lifespan.
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Roof Cleaning

Bring your roof back to it's former glory

Over time your roof will accumulate moss, algae, lichen, dirt and dust. By getting your roof cleaned you are not only improving the aesthetics of your roof but the overall roof condition and longevity. Cleaning your roof is also a cost effective way of building big value into your property which is perfect if you are buying or selling. West Coast Gutter Clean are committed to ensuring your roof is provided with the highest standard of care and attention that you deserve. Our industrial hi-pressure cleaners will take care of the most stubborn of build ups.
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Gutter Guard

Save time, stress and hassle

Gutter guards are an excellent way to stop leaves and other debris from entering your gutter system. This not only saves you the time and money of regular gutter cleaning and maintenance, but also extends the lifespan of your gutters saving you big $$$ in the long term. We must point out however that no gutter guard is a forever solution. From time to time the leaves sitting on top of the mesh will need to be cleared off and the gutters flushed from dust and other fine particles. There are also a large variety of gutter protections on the market which make choosing a product very confusing and we have found not all are equal. In fact some actually cause a bigger problem than without them. Luckily through our extensive experience and research we have found the best, most effective products for our customers in the Perth region. If you would like to find out more and get a free quote about saving time and stress with your gutters 'Enquire Now'.

Climbing a Ladder

Solar Panel Animal Guard

Get rid of pests and animals

If you are having problems with birds using your solar panels as a meeting place then we have the solution for you. Not only will excessive bird activity (poo) drastically reduce the $$$ saving potential of your panels but when nesting underneath can restrict airflow around your panels causing overheating and in a couple of incidents, seen them catch fire. We can supply and install a low cost solar panel skirt to stop anything from getting underneath your valuable panels. This will deter rodents and birds from nesting and keep out a build up of leaves and debris. If you want to to permanently resolve your bird, rodent or build up problem 'Enquire Now'.

Simple Maintenance & Repairs

Expert Service

Besides the above services we can also help with a range of others including:
- Identify and repair roof leaks
- Roof inspections
- Replacing/repairing cracked tiles
- Pruning back overhanging branches
- Repairing split gutters
- Removing tv/foxtel antennas
- Removing pool solar matting